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Good Grief

Charlie Brown famously expressed his dissatisfaction by exclaiming “good grief!” when his circumstances became unfavorable. This phrase is synonymous with feeling annoyed, bummed, or frustrated. The same feelings that can arise when trying to cope with the loss of a loved one. We are creatures that were divinely designed for connection and when that connection is lost, we experience deep pain and grief.

Feelings of grief can look like:


· Avoidance

· Shock

· Numbness

· Shutting Down

· Keeping Busy


· Irritability

· Impatience

· Frustration

· Resentment

· Passive-aggressive behavior


· Guilt

· Shame

· Blame

· Fixated on past or future

· Should have, could have, would have thinking


· Hopelessness

· Helplessness

· Reduced interest in activities

· Changes to sleep and appetite

· Reduced energy


· Understanding

· Compassion

· Vulnerability

· Present in the here & now

· Connecting with others

How to build connection after a loss:

· Start therapy with a grief counselor

· Attend a grief process group

· Volunteer your time at local community site

· Go on a walk or hike with a friend

· Talk to someone about difficult feelings

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